What We Do

GFI offers several types of services but parents/carers and service users are welcome to discuss tailor made provisions to suit their needs.

In addition to learning disabilities, our services are also aimed at young people with Autism and Aspergers.

Personalised Day Provision (PDP)

Unlike traditional day service, we offer a provision that is specific to the service user. In focus with the Personalised Care Strategy, we believe service users can benefit from choosing what they would like to do. We believe everyone is different and possesses different skills, desires and aspirations.

We create Individulised Timetables that have activities that service users have chosen and also which are in line with their current and future needs. The timetables will however have some sessions that encourage group and social interaction among peers.

GFI has aspects that young people would benefit from for example:

  • 1:1 Support
  • 2:1 Support
  • Drop-In Sessions
  • Support to access community facilities e.g. swimming, museum etc
  • Support in the home
  • Independence Training e.g. meal preparation, independent bus travel etc
  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Media Training e.g. Facebook and how to remain safe using it, Twitter, Youtube uploads, Instagram
  • Digital Media Training: Making Youtube videos, websites, blogs, posters design, photography

Drop-In Service

GFI Drop In is a service where young people can drop in to our Personalised Day Provision (PDP) Monday to Friday. We do ask people to ring us to tell us they are coming and ask them to say how many hours they will be staying.

GFI Drop In service users can experience wide range of activities from cooking (please book in for this session) to sports. Other leisurely activities includes, games, computer, music, pool, XBOX and many more. With arrangement and booking we also offer specialized sessions in music session, singing, drama and video and filming projects.

Cost is £5 per hour and if you like lunch provided we charge £2.50. We advise people to call us before coming just in case we are out of the building.

Social Enterprise (User-led)

The enterprise scheme will be run by people on the training program and all profit will be reinvested into the social enterprise scheme. GFI will provide an experienced staff member and volunteers to help run the projects.

What will I be doing? The year-long programme will start by the young entrepreneurs getting to know each other and creating a plan in the initial weeks. They will also get to choose a product or service they would like to sell.

This exciting programme will challenge them in areas such as handling disappointment, knowing their talents, gaining skills they did not know they had, doing and making new things, making friends, solving problems, teamwork, communication and so much more.

Professional Support: Working with local businesses, we have engaged business people to come in and talk about business, work and their experiences. They will also be mentors to our young people.

We are also looking to have them facilitate paid or unpaid positions in their businesses. This could end up in a job or career prospect.

Entrepreneur Social Time: Working is hard work and we know some people will want to have a bit of social time and therefore each month we will do something fun ranging from pub lunch to bowling. The young people will decide.

Cost: A one-off payment of £100-£150 per person will be set up money and GFI will donate small amount to make up any other cost. All cost will cover the start up. If you do require more support we do ask to either bring your own or to contact us before signing up.

GFI Support: We will educate employers about autism and problems people face but also about people talents. Entrepreneurs could always return (no scheme fees needed) for post-scheme support or coaching.

For more information please contact:

Contact person: Tony Gerald

Telephone: 07957 721 250

Email: tony.gerald@goforituk.org


At Go For It! we know how important it is to have a good transition. With parents and carers beginning to look for places at around age 14 and sometimes even earlier, we ensure that the information we put out is updated and relevant. This is why we have put together an information pack about us and the process.

We believe it's very important that transition is smooth. We have meetings where parents and carers can find out more information and speak about our different services we offer and find the best suited one.

Young people who are on the transition program can come to our Saturday Activity Sessions (SAS) and our Personalised Day Provision (PDP) on a day that suits them. They will be allocated staff support and be given a personalised timetable that would have been chosen during the transition meetings.

For more information please contact us on transition@goforituk.org

Saturday Activity Program

The Saturday Club is cool place to be with your friends and to make new friends. We run wide range of activities from Ten Pin Bowling to Day Trips. The program is design by members and is run by members and the cost of each activity range from £15 to £50 depending on the activity.

We provide one to one support if needed otherwise support is on 1 to 5 ratio. Please have a look on our Events Page on our website for more information.

Workshops and Courses

Go For It! will be running a wide range of workshops and courses over the next coming months and these will include GFICook and GFI M-U-Sing .

These workshops and courses would require signing up for in advance for planning purposes.

At the end of the workshop or course you will gain a certificate indicating you have completed the workshop or course.

Employment Support and Training

We offer support to those who need it in their workplace and can help employers understand about disabilities issues matter. We will be running some workshops around Employment and support in the workplace.

In addition we will also be running a Social Enterprise Scheme where the young people will set up a business of their choice; be it a service to the community or selling the products. This is very exciting and will be great to have on their CV.

Please contact us for more info.

Day/Weekend Trips and Holidays

Go For It! organises day/weekend trip and holidays. Our recent trip to the beach was an outstanding success and with great feedback from parents and service users.

Service users suggest and research about the destination and activities using computers and the library. They also plan with help from facilitators.

Allotment Project

Go For It! is just about to acquire an allotment of its own near the Regal Community Centre but currently has access to one that we will be using in the meantime.

In tandem with the GFICook Workshop, the Allotment Project will be an opportunity to grown own fruit and vegetable to used for the workshop.

Holiday & Half Term Activities

We run person centred holiday and half-term activties that can be tailored to the young person's needs.

Life Coaching – Push Your Limits UK Coaching

Michelle offers life coaching having been professionally trained to deliver these life changing sessions.

For more information please contact us on Push Your Limits UK Coaching